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The Identity Workshop

 A creative coaching experience to reveal the unique parts of you that get lost in the shuffle of everyday life. 

What You Can Expect

The Identity Workshop is a creative experience that combines imagery, reflection, and conversation to help you remember who you truly are.

You will discover your unique traits, define what success means to you, and explore how your life experiences + natural talents have shaped who you are becoming. 

In the end you will create an Identity Mosaic ™, a visual representation of your authentic self that guides you towards your 'right' next step.


Exploring the many layers of your identity helps you understand who you have become, as well as who you are on the path to becoming. It gives you a chance to make a choice to continue the journey or change course.

Shelby M. Wagner

The Details

Where: Meetinghouse Church in Edina

When: Saturday, May 21st 9:00 am - 1:00pm

Who: Hosted & led by Shelby M. Wagner

Cost: $125

Lunch, snacks and beverages will be provided.


In Their Words

"I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is searching for clarity around what their purpose is and/or wanting to discover what makes them feel most alive. I felt more grounded than I had in a long time. "

The Identity Workshop

Gives you language for what you

already know, but haven't been

able to express, yet.

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