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Unleash your authentic self

Now more than ever we need those of us who are here to make waves, shift perspectives and disrupt the status quo, to answer the pull on our hearts to do more. If you sense that is you, I urge you to lean in and listen, and start the journey to unleash your authentic self, and claim the unique contribution you came here to deliver.

As a certified coach of personal and professional development, I spark curiosity and invite individuals to engage in conversation and exploration that allows for meaningful connection. 


There in the magic of powerful questions and creative reflections, lie the answers which will allow you to design a work + life that both excites and fulfills you.

Through coaching with me, you are given space to let go of the rules defined by society, co-workers, or family and start tapping into your authentic self to confidently build your definition of "your best life" and experience purpose in your work.



A creative 1:1 coaching series to reveal your true desires for your work + life.

Hold The Vision is a custom coaching experience designed to guide you to remember who you came here to be and what you came here to do.

We will explore layers of your identity that influence your definition of values and success, which guide you to remember your true desires. The program culminates with an Identity Mosaic that reflects the talents, dreams and purpose you reveal, allowing you to move forward with a clear vision for where you are going next.

You have the power to change the world through the work you do. When you act as your truest self, you create opportunties, solve problems and care for your community in ways that only you can uniquely deliver.

What Clients Say

"I realized that I needed conversation around this topic and not another assessment tool, training class, workshop, etc. but being willing to engage in authentic and honest conversation where someone really listened to what I was saying."

Hold The Vision


Creating space for people to live their best life, while finding true purpose at work

Many of us are holding back our true gifts, which hinders our ability to experience a meaningful

work + life. These workshops guide you to reveal your true potential and make a choice to live differently - to the benefit of yourself and those around you.

Each workshop I design is rooted in relationship-building, self-awareness, and conversation. Both the Identity Workshop and the Life@Work Workshop, are creatively designed to use imagery and connection as a way to guide participants to understand how the layers of their identity play a role in their contribution in the world, and/or the workplace.

As an Agile and CliftonStrengths coach, I witnessed first-hand how unique each person is based on their lived experiences, natural gifts and personalities. These workshops help chart an authentic course for personal fulfillment, team relationships and organizational wellbeing.  


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