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Sparking curiosity in you.

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I am Shelby M. Wagner.  I am a conversation catalyst - the spark to ignite connection, growth and community through words. I use structured conversation and reflection as a way to playfully, creatively, and curiously see what emerges for individuals seeking action and change. 

By creating reflection tools, hosting conversations and encouraging others to share their experiences, I create new and powerful space for individuals to dialogue with themselves and each other. 

Through these moments of connection, I help individuals strengthen their self-awareness, gain fresh perspectives, and learn to engage positively with the uncomfortable. One small reflection at a time.

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Through self-awareness and courageous dialogue we can create a more connected world where we all feel we belong. With the right conversations, you can tap into the most authentic version of yourself, unlocking the creativity and empathy we need to build a better world.


Many cultural norms and societal systems have cut us off from our innate understanding of ourselves. We have been taught to ignore how we feel and hide who we really are, and then struggle to live our lives with authenticity and integrity. It is hard to trust your instincts and make decisions with confidence when you are not aware of your unique ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. This impacts your career, relationships, and even your ability to contribute meaningfully in your community.

It is time to spark a curiosity in you - one that opens your mind to the stories that hold you back and empowers you to leverage your gifts and experiences with confidence. When you see yourself more clearly, you begin to see others a bit more clearer too. 


Your journey to change the world can begin today through self-reflection. Are you ready to explore? 



What if it were easier?

Blank journal pages and moments of intentional silence can feel uncomfortable. I have found that when I break-down dreams or goals into bite-sized pieces it's easier to achieve them and dare I say, more enjoyable. Personal development is not any different. Start with a specific area or topic that appeals to you and get started.


Remember to honor your style of learning. Find short podcasts, reflection guides, or quick videos to spur your curiosity. Embrace your unique style of creativity. Not a writer? Draw. Not a painter? Speak. Whatever it is, make sure it feels authentic to you. It is also helpful to find someone you trust to share your insights with and begin to integrate what you learn along the way.

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