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We can change the world one conversation at a time.

The right conversations can lead you to the most authentic version of yourself and when you do that, you are free to see what else is possible - for you, your work, and your relationships. 

We often struggle to communicate openly, make confident decisions, or trust we are enough because many of us are so removed from who we truly are and what we want in life. 

When you lead with integrity and authenticity you are tapped into your talents, values, and unique perspective - this drives a more confident you, one that is not afraid to express what you need, make choices that align to your strengths, or bring new ideas to life. 

Reflection as a form of conversation, strengthens your self-awareness, allowing you to awaken your curiosity. It is here you can see the very best parts of yourself and others too. You gain confidence and the courage to deliver, to experiment, to communicate what you need and do what you're here to do. You show up in a way that inspires others because living your purpose is contagious too.



We all want the job that doesn't really feel like work, or the team that speaks openly even when times get tough - but we must be willing to take a look inside first to find the answers on how to get there. 

I create tools to help you engage with what matters most to you. Each resource is intentionally designed to digest in bite-sized pieces, allowing you to focus on one aspect of yourself at a time. With each conversation you strengthen your practice of self-awareness and activate your genuine thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Together we can build something new... Spaces that honor all aspects of your identity, collaboration that is rooted in honest and open communication, and personal development that feels easy and manageable.



Personal Development Catalyst

I often describe myself as Sherlock Homes (not that old stodgy version, but the cool Robert Downey Jr. version with the matrix-like reflexes and foresight) because I enjoy solving the mysteries of people. And even though I tend to be more introverted, I thrive on sparking conversation that invites individuals to know themselves better.

Growing up as a Black biracial child of the 80's I had to quickly make sense of my identity and my place within our societal constructs. As you can imagine this was challenging for a 12-year old, but what it fostered in me was a determination to be true to myself - to not give in to the status quo, to ignore the noise and live outside "the box". It inspired me to be clear on who I was and what I came here to do.

My previous work as an Agile and CliftonStrengths coach allowed me to witness first-hand how unique each person is based on their lived experiences, natural gifts and personalities. Through that work I observed how distanced people were from knowing their true selves. This realization brought me down a path of discovery, looking for ways to help individuals reveal who they have always been. Reflection guides were born.

I am a catalyst, I initiate, I ignite curiosity in others, encouraging them to look within and then to look around themselves. We cannot know each other, before we know ourselves.

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