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The Identity Field Guide, it's more than a journal, it's an experience.


Available to ship July 9th!


In the pursuit to sum ourselves up into one neat sentence, we often overlook the unique set of words we have to define who we are and what we enjoy. The Identity Field Guide is a 21-day guided journal designed to help you creatively explore your own definition of identity and find the words that feel right to you.


It's the perfect journal for those of you who feel overwhelmed by blank pages or heavy questions. Each day you'll select an image from the vibrant catalog of stickers in the back of the field guide, to serve as your journaling muse for the day. Choosing an image and responding to daily questions will not only level-up your intuitive senses, but it will also help you discover words that shape your identity and guide your future decisions.



  • 21 days of guided journal prompts with opportunities to look back each week.
  • Over 100 images to choose from each day (stickers) to spark memories or aspirations.
  • 5 extra activities designed to help you deepen your insights and take aligned action.
  • Lightweight questions that guide you into your own rythym of self-reflection.


Let your journey begin!


Please contact Shelby Wagner for bulk orders of 10 or more.

Journal size: 6.3" x 8.3" 100 pages

The Identity Field Guide

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