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Let's do work differently, together

If I were to imagine we were meeting at a rally at the end of the year and my work was the cause...

My work being, guiding you towards work that you enjoy, that fulfills you, that uses your talents and honors you, really sees you, and connects you to others who have problems only you can solve, or solutions that only you can create...

I would tell you that I believe we can change the world, that each of us came here to make an impact for the better and by being our most authentic selves and doing the work we came here to do, we can BE that change. First, we must get comfortable with ourselves and be willing to be seen, to be visible, to peel back the layers and let our true identity shine.

It's time to let go of the status quo and all the expectations that have been put upon you, and let those fall away and let your true self emerge.

To claim your voice, to claim your heart, to claim your intuition. It's time to confidently and courageously take steps towards who you really are inside.

We have the ability to shift not only the narrative, but the actual outcomes of this world with the work that we do in our homes, in our relationships, and in our workspaces. It is there you encounter people. It is there you have the greatest impact to shift perspective, to plant seeds of belonging, to be known by others, to see the world differently.

You cannot fully know others, before you truly know yourself, and before you know yourself, it is very difficult to do the work you came here to do.

You must be willing to lean into those areas of dissonance, of irritation, of disconnect... To see what's hiding in the shadows and to honor the longings in your heart.

This mission, this cause, it will require you to allow others to join you on your journey. Whether it's a mentor, coach, friend or a peer doing the work with you.

Whomever it is...

This is not meant to be a solitary journey.

There is more to life than most of us are letting in to this human experience.

It goes beyond the houses, the cars and the promotions.

This is a physical, soulful, emotional experience. It's an expansive experience.

Many of us are healing and expanding each and every day and yet there is room for a greater foundation of connection, community -- of belonging to one another.

There is more for you here, if you are willing to let it in.

It starts with you. It starts with me. It can be found in our work, that we do, together.


If you enjoyed this, please visit here for a visual meditation that pairs with these words.

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